Saturday, 19 October 2019
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Handcraft fur production Milan

Ferrari & Balestra has expanded its production with articles in cashmere and fur for clothing and accessories comfortably enclosing the strengths of the individual.
Hence the production of blankets, sweaters, gloves, shawls, scarves, stoles and caps trimmed with fur all fine: chinchilla, sable, fox and mink.

The combination of the two products enhances the characteristics of individual leaders getting so comfortable, warm and comfortable to wear.

The entire production of cashmere is made in Italy, from the spinning mills in Biella the package entrusted to the expert hands of knitters.
The application of the fur trim is done in our lab piece by piece followed by the owners.

...and the realization of customized furs

Ferrari and Crossbow buy cashmere woolen mills in Biella from where it produces the best luxury cashmere made in Italy and by far the best in the world. The reason is to be found in tradition and in the ability of the industry to treat this noble fiber in addition to a simple secret is called water

In Biella are lucky enough to have water very light, lime-free. The rivers Sesia Valley and Deer were clean, thanks to a stringent environmental policy conducted by the local administrations. Manufacturers of luxury cashmere Biella can then take advantage of the quality of their water so important in the processing of cashmere.


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