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Summer storage

IF you live in Milan and you don't know where to keep your fur during summer time, you can bring it at our laboratory for the summer custody.

How's custody?

With the custody you have the chance to keep your furs in a secure place with rights temperature, humidity and air recircle.

Our fur's laboratory can also take care of your furs; with different treatments, against moths and to blow and to stretch fur's pelts.

We have for this service the best price in Milan and hinterland, we also offer home delivering (we come to take your fur and we bring it back to you).

For further information contact us using the contact link or call us on telephone number: 02 4987208.

We offer also other services: cleaning, remodeling, repair, change of lining, permutation.

Furs remodelling Milan

The fur must be chosen always with the utmost care. The right choice allows you to get a head from quality, long-lasting: the model is not only important but also the hair. The remodeling of the fur used to retrieve the most of your garment to do one completely new in line with the current fashion.

In fact, it is inevitable that the style and trends change every season, but it is not always possible to buy a new dress, and this applies even more to the fur. Our laboratory is meeting the demands of this type. So, the big difference compared to brands that only sell what they have in the catalog is the ability to use his laboratory to personalize each piece.

The production of customized Ferrari and Balestra has allowed us to achieve so many years that met their customers. This is true both for the furs to fur accessories. Reshaping means rethink, reinvent, redesign and rebuild. The most beautiful aspect of this procedure is the final result. It 'very nice to see the difference between a boss and used outdated and a new model that follows the style of the moment and is like new.

Then come and visit us in our office to ask for more information and a quote. You'll find that we can offer other useful services as well as many accessories as a gift of your choice on one occasion (birthday, Christmas etc.).

If you have and old fur and you don't want to remodel it, we‘ll make an overvalutation of it in order to purchase of a new fur.

For further information about permutation contact us on tel. N° 02-4987208 or using the contact link.


Leather cleaning

Our fur's laboratory in Milan with passion and experience developed in 30 years of work , offers services to clean ,to insert napa leather ,to waterproof any kind of leather article or sheepskins jackets.

All of this operations allow you to give an old sheen to your leather item of clothing.


Lining change

Our laboratory makes fur's lining changes and leather articles offering a wide choice of linings from the single color to beautiful mixed colors in different materials:

-pure silk
-mixed silk

Furs repair Milan

Maintenance and repair of fur

The fur is a valuable asset and as such requires a "special" service. Here is a small guide to be followed for the care and maintenance of your fur. Don your fur frequently so that the leather can "breathe", do not keep it locked in closet for a long time, let alone in a closed plastic bag, thus risking to stifle If your fur gets wet winter rain or snow you should not brush it shake it but leaving it to dry away from heat sources

Other small steps for the care and maintenance of your fur, which will allow you to extend its life and splendor are:

  • repair it from the sun so as not to change the color,
  • beware of excessive altitude because oxygen can oxidize the hair,
  • avoid the "contact" Fur with anti-moth products and perfumes because their alcoholic component may smears.

Clean your fur at least once a year because the smog, dust and dirt settle on the surface that continually loses its luster and elasticity.
In the summer preserve your fur in suitable places, with values of temperature and humidity.
For cleaning and safekeeping of your fur to trust companies that deal with this professionally.

Our laboratory in Milan makes any kind of fixing.

  • lining change
  • shorten and let hems down
  • inner lining pocket's replacing
  • stripping the skin off
  • eyelets remaking
  • changing of shoulder pad
  • leather articles and sheepskin jacket repairing
  • zip changing

Sometimes a leader just needs some repair but well done for as good as new. A qualified staff will be able to act properly on all types of fabric and pattern for the benefit of the final result. Get an appointment now with our staff!

Fur cleaning

Do you live in Milan?

Maybe you don't know where to clean your fur?

You can come to clean your fur at our laboratory.

We'll take care of your furs as it was one of ours.

The yearly cleaning is really important for care and maintenance of your fur

During the year smog, dust and dirt settle on your fur; losing therefore its natural sheen and its leather elasticity.

Another risk during summer time are the moths that could quickly ruin your fur.

How do we make fur's cleaning ?

 Fur's cleaning is made in our fur's laboratory in Milan with modern techniques, that include: a treatment against moths, the use of deodorants and softeners.

After this procedures your fur will come back as a new one, with a fresh and gentle touch.

Fur restyling

What's fur restyling?

To make remodeling, fur is unmade in all of its inner parts (lining, buttons and claps) and all the ruined parts are replaced or repaired.

Through different procedure, leather is softened and fur gain back its original color and brightness.

Why to remodel your furs?

 In a few years fashion changes and even if your fur is made of good materials, it can seem a bit "old" fashioned.

With remodeling you will receive an actual fashionable fur.

Come to our fur‘s laboratory, we'll find you new solutions for your old fur, obviously without obligation!

 A quality fur can be used for a long time, in fact fur is a investment that can last over 40 years.

Fur restyling is a renewal of your old fur using your pelts to create a new one.


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